Did you know I offer assembly services for bouquets?


Yes I do.

What is assembly – using your supplies to create your brooch bouquet.

If you got the idea to make your own brooch bouquet. Then like most of us DIY brides, have 100 hundred other projects to complete before your big day AND you don’t have the time and/or patience to learn to work with floral wire and become a fabrication florist – LET ME HELP YOU!

Although it’s not up on the website (I’m sure one day I’ll add it) I do offer assembly services if you already bought some or all of your brooches. Even if you started and got a little lost along the way, I can try to work with what you’ve got or disassemble everything and start from scratch.

Visit our online store for more information at http://www.etsy.com/shop/broochbeautiful

Have some brooches collected, but not enough and tired of looking. Contact me so we can discuss prices.

If you have atleast 40 brooches and 2 rolls of 1 inch or larger ribbon for your handle, the cost is $50, plus shipping. I recommend 50-60 brooches, but can add in a few to fill in where it’s needed for a nominal fee.

I can also use your brooches as centers to handmade peonies.

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