Add the Bling!

Ribbon Handle Options

 SWIRL RIBBON beneath your bouquet.
White Fabric Peony Bouquet Handle Black

SILK FLOWERS beneath your bouquet

purple white fabric flower peony bouquet


SPIRAL RIBBON – continuous satin ribbon that drapes downward and can be seen from the bottom of the bouquet.
(from $20)
Vintage Pink Brooch bouquet web3

AVANTE GARDE RIBBON – fashion forward, untamed and an off beat twist for the bride that does NOT want the ordinary.

(from $20, with tulle $35)
ivory peony brooch bouquet from fabric

CASCADING RIBBON – satin ribbon surrounds your bouquet and continues all the way down to the handle of your bouquet.
(from $40)

vintage alternative gold pearl brooch bouquet

FANFARE RIBBON – satin ribbon that overlays itself creating interest and texture to your bouquet.
(from $25)
Tiffany Pearl brooch Bouquet Fanfare Ribbon

Bouquet Embellishments

HANDLE CUFF – Customized to coordinate with your bouquet. Don’t stop the bling on top of the bouquet. Add an extra cuff with pearl, rhinestones and more.
(inquire for price)
bouquet, bridal, floral, flowers, ivory, bling, diamond, pearl, off white

TULLE – adds whimsy and drama to your bouquet
(from $20)
#broochbeautiful vintage antique heirloom jewelry bride wedding, ivory, gold, white, unique, satin, silk,

PEARL PINS – Oversized, vintage feel pearl pins add elegance and style to your bouquet.(from $10)

lace coral bling brooch broach vintage classic unique forever bouquet bridal #broochbeautiful antique pearl


PEARL/RHINESTONE SPIRAL – add more glamour or just a little extra something with strands of pearls or rhinestones.
(from $25)
pearl brooch bouquet

LACE ACCENTS – shabby chic, Victorian, vintage, elegance, … need we say more!
(from $15)
bouquet, brooch, broach, ivory, white, green, mint, peach, pink, pearl, floral, flowers, bridal #broochbeautiful enamel vintage antique

FEATHERS – Add a touch of flare with the flowing touch of feathers inside or underneath your bouquet.
(from $30)
Feather Vintage Peony Bouquet 5

PERSONALIZED CHARMS – are the perfect way to customize your bouquet or remember a loved one on your special day. We can add an image or words to a custom pendant or brooch.
(inquire for prices)
Custom Photo Pendant Brown Orange Brooch Bouquet

THE DIVA MOVE – Ready to wow them with bling when they least expect it? Add  rhinestones to the tip of your handle. They’ll never see it coming!
(from $20)
Ultra Platinum Silver Bling Brooch Bouquet 9

Pearl Button Upgrades for Peony Bouquets

Asst. Rhinestone & Pearl Buttons
Prices from $15


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