Handmade Peony Bouquets

Handmade fabric peony bouquets with rhinestone brooches or pearls at the center of each. The flowers are very life-like peonies that won’t fray at the end like most silk

flowers tend to do after being handled a few times. Each bloom is 3-4 inches in diameter. Color options vary by season. Ivory, pale pink and white always available. Fabric samples available for $1.

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Size Bloom Count Brooch Center Pearl/Stone Center Your Brooches
Deluxe 18-24 Blooms from $475 from $400 from $350
Large 15-18 Blooms from $400 from $315 from $250
Medium 10-14 blooms from $300 from $250 from $190
Small/Toss 6-8 Blooms from $175 from $125 from $90

size chart

The More You Buy…

  • You will receive 10% discount off your entire order when you purchase 3 bouquets or more bouquets. (3) boutonnieres or corsages count as (1) bouquet.
  • Orders over $500 will receive 15% off the entire order.
  • Orders over $1,000 will receive 20% off the entire order
  • Orders over $1,500 will also receive a FREE toss bouquet in addition to the 20% discount.

Click here to see our Handmade Peony Gallery

web ivory peony tulle web2Black Bling Peony Bouquet 9


4 Responses to Handmade Peony Bouquets

  1. Grace says:

    Your work is beautiful

  2. Chantelle McIntosh says:

    Good morning.

    Do you offer classes to teach individuals how to make bouquets?

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