I DIY’ed the Photo Props

Ok, so I didn’t get a chance to have a photo booth at our wedding. But my 12 year old had a b-day party last weekend and I needed some sort of activity for them to do that would kill 15-20 minutes of time. So I figured why not have an impromptu and maybe a bit silly photo session. After not being able to find more than one small pack of photo props at Target, I created my own photo props for them to use at Sweet Pete’s. If you are in or around the Jacksonville, FL area, you have to check this place out. It would be the perfect setting for a bridal shower, tea party, etc.


I used wooden dowels and a variety of color styrofoam sheets. To get the shapes I just google imaged mustache and lips using the clipart feature. I traced and cut out the shapes and then hot glued the styrofoam to the wooden dowels. However, I didn’t realize that the sheets had an adhesive back. I did wonder why it was white, but it made it easier to trace my shapes onto it – lol

Anywho, they held up pretty well that day and really didn’t start to come apart until after we got home. FYI – I made hot chocolate props due to the theme being a “Hot Chocolate Lover’s Party” AND yes, those are hot chocolate cake pops in the photo. I mixed in my DIY props with the pack I found at the store. P.S. I found the styrofoam letters at the Dollar Tree.

The process was pretty painless. However, since I’d been under the weather for a few weeks I was under the gun to get all this done and had helpers who don’t have my anal attentive need for detail and perfection. So not all of them had crisp, clean edges. But I wouldn’t be opposed to making them again. This one definitely a quick and easy DIY project. If you add a few boas, and maybe a hat or two, this could easily become a photo booth at a wedding. I knew Sweet Pete’s had a corner that was perfect for photos. But you could create a ribbon backdrop or have a banner made (Vista Print or Walmart makes them) and voila, you have a photo booth. There are also programs that you can buy to create your own photo booth set up using an old computer and/or webcam. Here’s a list of free software sites that I found using a google search.





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