Reduce Reuse Recycle Wedding?

When I think of weddings I don’t typically think of going green. But today more brides are choosing to be eco-conscious when planning their wedding. From choosing recycled paper for the invitations to using cloth linens, there are an array of choices a bride can make that will leave less of a carbon footprint on the earth.

A major part of going green is having the ability to reuse and/or repurpose items instead of purchasing them new. Simple choices you make for your wedding day can also have a great impact on the Earth. Choose to use glass stemware and real dishes instead of opting for plastic. The difference in the price may be noticeable. Especially if your budget is very tight.

There are numerous ways your wedding can Go Green for less. Thrift stores offer a large variety of items that can be used in weddings, such as a large variety of vases, glasses, dishes and other reclaimed items as well as table linens and maybe even clothing, all at budget friendly prices. It’s a great opportunity to think outside of the box. See an earlier post Thinking Outside the Wedding Norm.

You can also borrow items or take advantage of the friends and family you know who have recently gotten married. I still have wedding supplies left over from my wedding and have already had 2 people borrow stuff. Another “outside the box” idea is to repurpose all those flower vases that are mysteriously left in the workplace. See my wedding blog post Budget Saver for Fresh Flower Centerpieces.


Here are 4 tips  for planning an Extremely Green Wedding from the Green Wedding Consortium:

  1. Remain local for food, flowers and venue. We suggest planning the wedding ceremony and reception both in one location so that there is no need to travel between the destinations.
  2. Communicate by electronic means. Save trees, money and other resources by skipping printed invitation cards. With the increasing use of internet, custom websites could turn out to be a great way to keep your guests informed and engrossed about the event well in advance.
  3. Borrow More, Spend Less. If you don’t have many feasible options within your family, you can visit antique jewelry shops and vintage stores as they have lots of choices. Wedding dress designers such as Seams Couture immaculately modify the old dresses for new brides by combining old fabric with new sustainable choices
  4. Spread the Love. Choose planting seeds in place of fattening treats. Party favors are indeed a great way to thank your guests. You can even let go of tangible favors and instead make donations to a charity on the name of your guests.

There are a variety of websites and blogs dedicated to this idea.  Here’s a few that I googled and have used: 

Brooch Beautiful can even help you attain your Eco-conscious wedding by repurposing jewelry that will create a bouquet that never dies. Maybe even an heirloom you can pass down to your daughter. Why not get family and friends to contribute brooches and other jewelry to be used in your brooch bouquet. We can custom make a bouquet for you using  found or repurposed jewelry. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

Whatever your choice, I hope you can find a way to help make the world a little nicer for everyone.

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