Would you do a holiday themed wedding?

With all the holiday approaching I’ve seen a lot of brides going with a darker themed wedding to match fall. Some have even chosen to go with a Halloween theme. I’m also starting to see Christmas and Thanksgiving themes for weddings. Aside from the striking colors of the fall and holiday season, would you choose a themed wedding?

My initial thought is that it would be cheesy, budget friendly if you plan ahead, but cheesy none the less. However,   if you really love the holiday or it holds some sentimental meaning to the both of you, that’s understandable. The holiday season is also a good time that family comes together. Planning a wedding around the same time cuts down travel cost for wedding guests too.

But do I want Santa to officiate the wedding or have a ghost themed cake and bride of Frankenstein wedding dress – NO! But there are plenty of brides that want something different. I totally understand that some brides and grooms really want to push the envelope. Plus everyone had different taste. Nevertheless just something in me that says a wedding should be a sweet way to commemorate the love that you to share for one another. Not just entertainment for the guest. But who’s to say that a holiday theme isn’t a true representation of that love.

Any idea can be executed with impeccable taste to reflect a day of wedded bliss. Maybe that’s why I love David Tutera – he can take almost any hacked up idea and turn it into a beautiful bridal event.

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