Finding Your Inspiration

My fabric/brooch flowers

I think I’ve finally perfected my system to make them in a way that they look and move like a real flower. I’ve been wanting to add these into a bouquet with some blush colored peonies as a sample bouquet and to show off my fabric flowers.

My Inspiration Photo
courtesy DMagazine

Then other day I found a photo of a beautiful bouquet that had brooches infused with peonies and roses. There were also pearls on the handle below the ribbon. I LOVED the look. It was similar to the bouquet I wanted for my own wedding. So it’s my inspiration for my next Ready Made Brooch Bouquet. I may combine my original idea for the blush peonies to this bouquet and vary the flowers a little.

I like the overall look of my inspiration bouquet, but change is always inevitable. Especially as a DIY bride, or just a bride in general. Nothing is ever set in stone. An inspiration is there to inspire you to create something that will work well with your plans, or help you get a sense of direction. I don’t ever feel like I have to duplicate an inspiration 100%. Well not unless a client says that they want something exactly like the picture. Even then there’s no guarantee that it will ever be the same. I’ve also found that everyone had minor changes they want to make.

So find your inspiration, but don’t hold yourself to it. Use your inspiration to grow your imagination!

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