Thank you for visiting the “Brooch Beautiful” blog. Thought I’d start off with a brief introduction of myself. I’m Danelle P.C. Yes, those are my initials – P.C. Married life does have its perks – lol.

Just some background information about me. I’m a Florida native. I now have 4 daughters, am married to a wonderful and loving husband, have 2 dogs (chocolate lab & Chihuahua) and a beta fish named Fluffy. We are a blended family, as I recently got married.

My last year has been quite a journey. It was just over a year ago a met my new husband and started on a path that would alter our lives forever.

 So how did all of this lead me to creating Brooch Beautiful? Good question. When I got engaged last December, it set me on a mission to create our dream wedding. Well, a pretty darn good wedding; after we nixed the idea of running off to Turks & Caicos to get married on the beach. I set out to plan an elegant and modern affair that we would never forget. But it had to be on a budget of $5,000 – not including the honeymoon.

 No, I’m not joking, my hubby was not sold on spending thousands of dollars on just one day. Neither was I, but since neither one us had a proper wedding (in a church) the first time around, I wanted this to be a union that was set on the right foundation as well as setting a good example for our children.

 So enter my DIY Marathon: Plan-A-Wedding-In-Six-Months. I’m not going to recap that crazy period leading up to the wedding. I will, however point you to my wedding blog on WeddingByColor.com. http://www.weddingbycolor.com/jasminedanelle

 I also enlisted help from other DIY brides on WeddingBee.com and posted several boards, DIY projects, photos in the gallery and a pretty detailed description of the journey in my profile. My screen name there is MrsACarpenter. Feel free to look me up.

Our wedding day was magical! Definitely worth all the money we went over budget 🙂

 So, that didn’t really answer the question of how did Brooch Beautiful get started? Well, when I discovered that it was going to cost atleast $250 for my bridal bouquet, I quickly started looking for alternatives to real flowers and stumbled upon brooch bouquets. The crafty DIY bride inside me said “you could make one.” Boy what was I thinking? A few months, a few hundred dollars, a few tries and bruised fingers later I had my bouquet. I learned a lot along the way and a few tricks of the trade that taught me how to save my fingers, time and money. My journey of making my own bouquet is on my wedding blog. I’ve also helped several other brides with their trials and tribulations on making their own. Then I made a few for people and the rest is history.

 If you are making your own, I don’t mind answering questions on problem solving issues. My thought is to pay it forward. However, I am in the business to make money, so I cannot send you step by step instructions on how to assemble a bouquet or the list of vendors I use to purchase my supplies. The brooches I use come from a variety of places; eBay, websites and local finds. Finding them is all a part of the process. I also utilize other pieces of jewelry besides brooches.

So, hope that gives everyone a little insight into who I am and how Brooch Beautiful came to be. I am here to help brides on their journey to become a “Mrs.”

 I look forwarding to working with you!

– Danelle

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