Life After… The DIY Wedding.


 As a newlywed, there’s a different excitement in the air. But where did all those projects go?  I’ve read other bride’s post-wedding blues blogs and have even had a few rants of my own these past few months. Part of me misses those “up until 2 AM” sessions surrounded by ribbon, a hot glue gun and glitter. Not really – I loath glitter – with a passion. Glitter and balloons, especially at weddings.

Anywho – Part of me misses the planning and organizing of it all. I should mention that I owned 3 sets of dishes before I met my husband. I have each them for different occasions. The planning tendency was already there, the wedding just highlighted the addiction.

I wonder if there’s some sort of DIY Bride’s Anonymous where us newly made “Mrs.” can learn to step away from the floral wire, crafters glue dots and stop looking at wedding dresses online. I mean really, why do I care what the new Spring Line from Mori Lee has? My dress is hanging up in my closet in a garment bag and the wedding is over. It’s not like I’m going to go out and buy a new dress as a back-up. But I’m still tempted to look.

So when does this feeling like something needs to be organized go away? I don’t think it really ever does. Most women turn this urge to intensely organize every aspect of things into nesting. Organizing a new home is a big task, but I’ve already done that. Well, as far as my budget will let me. We’ve got plans for what we want to do, but don’t have the funds to go out and buy the material, sigh. Dreams that will come true some day.

So what do those of us who already have a household full of stuff do? Well, in my case I hang hung onto the wedding blogs and analyzed every aspect of my own wedding until I started to get a little concerned for myself. And I’ve created a ton of post-wedding projects, mostly with our wedding pictures, to occupy my time.  At one point I even considered having a baby – NOT!!!! I just decided that I’d wait for us to have grandchildren instead.

So now that everyone knows that I’m crazy – the reality is that there really is an adjustment period for everyone. I’m really glad that I was able to turn a void into a prosperous business venture for myself. I truly believe that everyone should have several lines of income, especially in today’s economy. Plus, it’s a little indulgent of me to create bouquets for brides. I still feel like I’m a part of the wedding planning process, even if it’s not for my own wedding.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a lovely bride yesterday about her upcoming wedding in December. I’m making brooch bouquets for her entire bridal party. It’s nice to be able to relate to your client about how they feel so that I can deliver what they want and hopefully go above and beyond their expectations.

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